Under the Sea Backdrop                               


Under the Sea backdrop
Size 10ft (3m) x 8ft (2,4m)

Size 47" (1,2m) x 40" (1m)


The "Under the Sea" fabric backdrop curtain is the perfect background for your performances with this theme.
It can be used by professional and amateur theater groups,  puppeteers, magicians, entertainers and educators.
Available in different formats it can be use for all types of stages, including small puppet stage.

Unique hand design of the image, professional dye sublimation printing on quality fabric,
makes the design bright and attractive, bold and detailed colors look amaizing from any distance.
Dye sublimation fuses the ink to the fabric to provide high resolution and vivid colors that will not fade.
The design also will not be damaged if the backdrop accidently gets wet.
Backdrops can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

10x8 format. Size approx. 10ft (3m) Wide x 8ft (2,4m) High. One vertical stitch on this size. Price $545.
6x5 format. Size approx. 6ft (1,8m) Wide x 5ft (1,5m) High. Price $295.
4x3,3 format. Size approx. 47" (1,2m) Wide x 40" (1m) High. Price $195.
2,5x2 format. Size approx. 30" (0,75m) Wide x 24" (0,6m) High. Price $125.

Custom size is available upon request.
We can provide custom design for your backdrop and print your design.

Please contact us for details.